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About Adana’s Nomination for UNESCO Creative Cities

Adana is a multicultural settlement that has hosted many civilizations throughout history. Population movements in this process created diversity in the field of gastronomy in Adana. Çukurova region is considered to be one of the most fertile soils for the production of fresh vegetables and fruits. Improving the gastronomy culture in Adana helps to promote economic development and increase employment in tertiary sectors. The development of traditional gastronomic values with modern Adana cuisine, helps cultural sustainability by increasing creative practices.

The 2023 target of the city of Adana is to be a leading province in the Eastern Mediterranean Region with its strategic location and rich resources. The main strategic plans determined in line with this target are; to become an international center of attraction and production & processing base, to reduce intra-regional development disparities, to solve social cohesion problems, to strengthen human capital, to implement and support good agricultural practices.

Adana cuisine, which is at the crossroads of intercontinental migration, has more than 600 dishes in its body. Although the food festivals held in the city in recent years announce the gastronomic potential of Adana in national and international platforms, it has had a very important place in the development of the city. Bringing together the culinary heritage of Adana and its values with international networks; to develop collaborative models that bring together the public, civil society, universities and the private sector on common ground and to implement the gastronomic potential of the city as a key factor in sustainable development, were the main motivations for applying to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network program.