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Adana Kebab

The kebab made with minced meat is known as “Adana Kebab” in the whole Turkey. This is among the most cooked and consumed meat dishes in restaurants in Turkey. This flavor, unique to Adana, fame of which has exceeded Turkey, is being served in many countries abroad. In order to maintain the standards of Adana kebab, which has spread to different geographies, the geographical registration was taken by Adana Chamber of Commerce in 2005. Certified trainings are regularly conducted by the Chamber of Commerce in order to preserve the way the kebab is made and to train new craftsmen.

Adana kebab is prepared by mincing the male lamb meat, which is rested and cleaned from nerves, and tail fat using an armour, and kneading this with the mixture of salt, red powder pepper and finely minced red root pepper mixture. The minced meat is stuck into special kebab skewers by hand.

Kebab skewers are placed in the fire start to be cooked cook on flameless barbeque with oak and orange charcoal. When the meat starts to turn a little pink, the skewers are turned from time to time. Fats that begin to melt on the kebab are squeezed with the help of pita bread. Fatted breads are divided into a plate with the help of a knife. The cooked kebab is also added to the plate and pulled from the skewer. Tomatoes, pepper and green pepper cooked on a separate skewer in the barbecue are also placed on the edge of the plate; served with finely chopped sumac onions, greens and Turnip juice.

While serving the kebab, appetizers are first served, such as small lahmacun, small cheese pita, hot humus, garbage skewers and liver skewers. With Adana kebab, different salads and appetizers are served according to the season. The best known among the appetizers and salads are; pate salad, sumac onion salad, hot pepper onion salad, cooked onions, tzatziki, eggplant embers, tablacı salad, tahini salad, cooked green pepper, plenty of greens (parsley, mint, cress), lemon, orange and radish.