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Do you know these?

Anavarza Castle, which is one of the most important fortresses in Adana and located in the Anavarza Antique City which is one of the most important ancient cities in Adana, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List.

History of Çukurova traces back to Paleotic Age, back to 2.6 million – 12.000 BC, as shown by the findings in the vicinity of the village of Kayapınar in the Tufanbeyli district of Adana.

Stone Bridge, which was constructed between AD 117 -138 and is one of the oldests bridges of the world still being used, is located in Adana.

The Hittite Queen Puduhepa, who signed the Kadesh Peace Agreement, the first known written agreement of the world, in addition to the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses and Hittite Emperor Hattusili, was born in Adana. For that reason, Adana is known as the “city here peace was born”.

Of 12,000 varieties of plants in Turkey, 5,000 are found in Çukurova. 300 of these plants are endemic species and 15 are grown only in Adana.

The first international fair in the history of the Republic, the 'Agricultural Fair' was held in Adana in 1924 and the first private banks were established in Adana.

There are 21 historical restaurants and enterprises with an age above 50 years that have become traditionalized in Adana, and they are still operating.

“Orange Flower Carnival” which is held in Adana in the first week of April each year, is the first and single carnival in Turkey.

Eria Materia Medica, the world's oldest medical and pharmacy book, was written in Adana by Dioskorides, an physician from Anavarza.

One of the first medical schools of Hippocrates was founded in Yumurtalik, Adana.

It is legendary that two physicians, Cosmo and Damian, performed the first organ transplant at this school known as Askulapion in Adana 2000 years ago.

With a production of 1.4 million tons of citrus production, Adana meets 28% of Turkey’s need and is the first in this field

With a production of 1 million tons of watermelon production, Adana meets 25% of Turkey’s watermelon production and is the first in this field

With a production of 79 million tons of soya production, Adana meets 56% of Turkey’s soya production and is the first in this field.

With a production of 192 million tons of grapefruit , Adana meets 77% of Turkey’s grapefruit production and is the first in this field.

With a production of 98 million tons of peanut , Adana meets 57% of Turkey’s peanut production and is the first in this field.

With a production of 842 million tons of corn, Adana meets 15% of Turkey’s corn production and is the second in this field.

Adana is ranked third in Turkey in terms of honey production with an amount of 11 thousand ton.

Adana has a very important place in the production of gray mullet caviar (yellow caviar) obtained from the fisheries of Mediterranean coasts.

Thanks to sturgeon which is raised only in Adana in Turkey , black caviar is producted in Turkey.

Did you know that Lokman Hekim, who lives in Adana Misis region, talked with the flowers and found the recipe for immortality, however, when he came on Misis bridge, with the effect of the wind that occurred as a result of wing movements of the Archangel Gabriel, the recipe fell from the bridge to Ceyhan river, and therefore it is rumored that the river gives life to everything?