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Registering the Original Products of Adana as Geographical Marks

Adana has one of the original and delicious kitchens in Turkey. Kebab, which is well known Turkish mark in the world, belongs to Adana. Adana kebab is registered as a geographical mark in 2003 and is put under protection. Other than the kebab, Adana is one of the most productive cities in Turkey with various types of food (more than 200), and many products originated from Adana. For this reason, in order to protect cultural values of Adana, with participation of universities, institutions and establishments and NGOs under the leadership of Adana Governorship, a widespread study and survey was initiated to register the products with geographic marks. In This context, many delicious products such as Adana Analıkızlı, Adana Güveç, Adana Şırdan, Adana Pepper Paste, Adana Water Melon, Adana Water Melon Molasse, Adana Turnip, Adana Halka tatlısı, Adana Lokma Tatlısı, Adana Taşkadayıf Tatlısı etc. have been selected and application to Turkish Patent Institute have been made to register these names. Besides these names which are known in the region and in Turkey, rare and local products are sought for registering. In this context, Feke Sedir Mantarı (Feke Cedar Tree Mushroom) a kind of mushroom found near cedar trees in forests in Feke town and collected and marketed by the local villagers, Saimbeyli Cherry, a red-claret red colored, bright, big cherry, Kozan Mezla (fir) honey, a red colored honey from fir forests in Kozan, Hanyeri honey with its distinct aroma and taste, and, Kötün tomatoes with a delicious taste.

3A, REGION OF TASTE: “Adana – Antep – Antakya”

3A, Region of Taste; ‘Adana, Antep, Antakya’ project was started by Çukurova Touristic Hoteliers Association. It is a project to create a gastronomy route under the auspices of the Governorships of Adana, Mersin, Hatay, Gaziantep and Çukurova Development Agency, Adana Metropolitan Municipality, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and Hatay Metropolitan Municipality, Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Adana, Gaziantep and Antakya (Hatay) are rich cities from gastronomic point of view. In order to make this potential reachable by everyone, tours are organized in certain days and at stop-points to promote the tastes of these three cities. National, international and local people follow the routes using their own vehicles or tour buses provided by tourism companies. Alternative tours to promote local tastes or touristic values are also planned between other towns and cities.

Ceyhan Petrochemical Industrial Zone

Ceyhan Petrochemical Industrial Zone was declared in Official Gazette dated 17.10.2007 and numbered 26673. It covers an area of 13.41 decar. Gas and oil reserves of the Middle Eastern and Asian countries were distributed to the world from this site. It is thought to be one of the most important energy bases of the world in near future. It is located very close to the Yumurtalık and İskenderun Ports and therefore has vital importance for energy and petrochemistry industries. Through Iran-Turkey, Ceyhan-Kırıkkale, and Bakü-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipelines approximately 100 million tons of oil is transferred to the other countries. Investments made in the fields of petrochemistry, and oil in the area will be counted as very significant projects not only for our region but for Turkey.

Ceyhan Combined Organized Industrial Site

In order to combine the industrial sites and facilities in Ceyhan (Adana) as an aggregation and to provide infrastructure for new investments, Ceyhan Combined Organized Industrial Site was planned and is being constructed on a 1.21 decares in the first stage and on a 3.68 decares in the second stage in Ceyhan. With the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Technology in 2. August.2016 and with registry number of 318, its official establishment was completed. Expropriation in the field was completed, infrastructure and engineering studies are underway in the area. It is planned to put into operation in 2019. When the Free Zone, İskenderun Port and Ceyhan Energy-Specialized Site were taken into consideration as a whole, it can be said that it is going to be a significant investment area in the region.

Çukurova Regional Airport

Çukurova region has a significant potential to be one of the greatest transport and logistic centers in the Middle East and in Mediterranean regions with its location in Turkey, capacity, wide hinterland and easy access to many spots in Turkey and in the region. Çukurova Regional Airport will contribute to the region in respect to national and regional targets. When D-400 highway and the logistic center to transport the railroad cargo in Yenice were considered together, it can be said that a significant step was taken for combined transportation services. Construction works are underway for the regional airport which is located in Yenice, 35 km away from Adana. The airport is planned to cover an area of 8 decares. It is going to be the second largest airport in Turkey. The total passenger capacity, in stages, is expected to be 30 million per year. Directs flights to Europe, Middle Eastern countries and North Africa are expected to contribute to international trade and tourism significantly.

Adana Agriculture-Based Specialty Banana Greenhouse Project

Although banana was not produced in past in Adana, the production has been reported to increase remarkably in recent years. As a result of the monitoring and research studies, it has been concluded that banana production in greenhouse is more beneficial than field production. In this context, it is expected that Turkey would not be a banana importer (200.000 tons a year) but an exporter in future after the realization of the project.