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Sea Products

Adana province also has an importance place in aquaculture production. Sturgeon, which is taken under protection in the world, is produced in İmamoğlu district of Adana in Turkey, which was founded as a single farm in order to produce caviar. Dating back 200 to 250 million years, sturgeons are the oldest freshwater fish and are very important in caviar production.

Being one of the most important elements in gastronomy in the world, caviar is a very rich seafood in containing high levels of aphrodisiac, protein, vitamins A, B, C, E, D, minerals and other beneficial organic compounds. Caviar has positive effects on the development of human body and the proper functioning of body functions. Sturgeon caviar is also used in the process of making substantially important cosmetic care products.

Adana has a significiant importance in the production of mullet caviar (yellow caviar) obtained from Adana's Dalyans on the Mediterranean coast. In terms of quantity and quality , mullet caviar production in Akyatan, Agyatan, Tuzla, Yelkoma and Camlik fishiries which were based in Karatas and Yumurtalik districts has a significiant importance in Turkey.

When we say fishery products in Adana; Shrimp, Blue Crab, Squid, Mussels, Lagos fish, Mullet, Sea Bass, Sea bream, Sea snail, Mullet caviar, Sturgeon caviar, Trout, Silvery Carp, Adana Pearl Fish, Whiskered Fish, Acorns come to the fore.